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Features & Fashion
Features & Fashion
Features and Fashion

Ultra Lightweight Super Bright Lights

No detail escaped our thoughtful design. RunLites are ultra lightweight and super bright. With a push of a button, the lights change from 40 to 80 lumens of light. The rechargeable lights are securely attached with velcro. For all their power RunLites are extremely lightweight and weigh as little as 4.6 ounces, that's equal to the weight of 3 pencils! 

RunLites come in 3 primary styles. The SLING, the half-length, and the full-length gloves. Our full-length gloves have mobile screen friendly fingers. The palm pocket in the half and full-length styles provides storage for keys, money, or an aerosol repellant to carry with you-whether it's a run, dog walk, camping trip, or trip around campus in the early morning or night. These gloves are a great alternative to everything from head lamps to bike lights.

With multiple designs and sizes for the entire family, RunLites are are an easy way to help you and yours safe!

RunLites are the most lightweight, personal-safety, lighting solutions!