New High Visibility (Hi Viz) Gear

See and Be Seen

Boost your visibility and safety in the dark with RunLites.  Pedestrian fatality rates are virtually three times higher at night. This includes people walking, running, biking and more. Most often, those fatalities are caused by collision with a car, while other injuries and fatalities are caused by tripping or falling on uneven roadways. It's clear there's a problem seeing and being seen at night and in low-light areas.

While there's a lot of personal protective equipment and safety clothing out there, nothing as is lightweight and effective as RunLites!

RunLites are wearable personal safety lights. They're perfect for any type of nighttime or low-light activity, from running, walking and cycling to hunting, hiking or other everyday activities. The gloves provide a 135-degree radial arc of light up to 40 feet ahead to increase the wearer's visibility and has a reflective strip and adjustable power options to help the pedestrian be seen.

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Pink Short RunLites gloves

Runners, Cyclists, Athletes

Visibility is a big concern for athletes looking to extend activities into the evening hours. See and be seen with RunLites.


Camo RunLites gloves

Outdoorsmen & Survivalists

Where minimalism is key and the use of your hands is valuable, RunLites are a simple solution to put light right where you need it.

RunLites navy short gloves

Everyday Use

When we’re working in areas of low light, flashlights and work lights just don’t cut it. RunLites are a hands-free, convenient solution.