The Perfect Fit

RunLites fits perfectly with the lighting demands of so many activities. Whether you’re looking for something in the attic or simply going for a walk after dusk, RunLites offers a safe and convenient solution by bringing light right where you need it.

Set your RunLites to 40 or 80 lumens to light your way up to 40 feet ahead, without sacrificing convenience, comfort or flexibility. Reduce your risk and increase your visibility with a pair of our gloves, regardless of whether you’re spending a night under the stars or taking your dog for an early morning walk.

RunLites comes in many sizes. To find the glove that gives you the best fit check out this SIZING GUIDE.

Pink Short RunLites gloves

Runners, Cyclists, Athletes

Visibility is a big concern for athletes looking to extend activities into the evening hours. See and be seen with RunLites.


Camo RunLites gloves

Outdoorsmen & Survivalists

Where minimalism is key and the use of your hands is valuable, RunLites are a simple solution to put light right where you need it.

RunLites navy short gloves

Everyday Use

When we’re working in areas of low light, flashlights and work lights just don’t cut it. RunLites are a hands-free, convenient solution.