January 06, 2016

RunLites gloves make appearance at NYRR Midnight Run

Gloves light the way through Central Park

A few runners had some help from RunLites as they kicked off 2016 with the NYRR Midnight Run on New Year's Eve.

These runners were among the first to use the lighted gloves in a race, and had nothing but positive feedback. They specifically mentioned the gloves were helpful as they navigated their way through the dark sections of Central Park. RunLites made an impression on other runners in the race, too. While many people were lit up with holiday lights, they gathered behind the RunLites runners to follow the light from the gloves through the dark sections of the race.

The New York Road Runners hosted the Midnight Run. At the strike of midnight, fireworks signaled the beginning of 2016, and the beginning of the race, which was four miles through Central Park.

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