Hands-Free Light for Everyday Use

hands free flashlight

Lighted Gloves: The Hands-Free Flashlight Solution

A convenient flashlight alternative to light your way, whether you're walking the dog or working in the yard late at night.

Struggling to carry boxes up to the attic or down to the basement in little to no light? Working in your yard late at night? Walking the dog in the early morning or evening hours? There are so many daily activities where we could use some extra light, both to see better and be seen by others. But that doesn’t mean you have to reach for the flashlight! RunLites are the wearable solution that puts light where you need it!

Benefits of RunLites for Everyday Use:

  • Lightweight and hands-free
  • Projects light in front of you where you need it up to 30 feet
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Half-length or full-length (for colder weather finger covering)
  • Specially designed palm pocket for comfort, safety and storage

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Pink Short RunLites gloves

Runners, Cyclists, Athletes

Visibility is a big concern for athletes looking to extend activities into the evening hours. See and be seen with RunLites.


Camo RunLites gloves

Outdoorsmen & Survivalists

Where minimalism is key and the use of your hands is valuable, RunLites are a simple solution to put light right where you need it.

RunLites navy short gloves

Everyday Use

When we’re working in areas of low light, flashlights and work lights just don’t cut it. RunLites are a hands-free, convenient solution.